10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

The 10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration "Best Practice in Restoration" will be hosted by theDepartment Ecology and Ecosystem Management, School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan - Technische Universität München, on 22-26 August 2016.

Past mismanagement and habitat degradation require counter measures, including habitat restoration and development of novel management approaches, not only in Europe but in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia. It is the concern of ecological restoration to make ecosystem repair and reconstruction technically feasible, successful in enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem function, and sustainable for society and economy in future generations. 

The conference will run from Monday to Thursday, with Friday optionally included for workshops and group discussions. Mid-conference field trips to an exciting range of German restoration sites are scheduled for Wednesday. Two long-distance excursions are also being planned: One to the National Parks Bavarian and Bohemian Forest, and one through the German and Austrian Alps to Italy.

The conference will strive to provide a friendly and exciting atmosphere to stimulate dialogue between restoration scientists, practitioners and policy makers, and to collaborate on the challenge of Best Practice in Restoration.

Read more about this event, on the SER Europe Conference 2016 webpage


Dr. Julia-Maria Hermann
| Email: roek@wzw.tum.de